Wizenoze signs a strategic partnership with Massarat FZCO- Bringing the best of two very innovative EdTech platforms to K12 schools in the MENA region.

Wizenoze signs a strategic partnership with Massarat FZCO- Bringing the best of two very innovative EdTech platforms to K12 schools in the MENA region.

Wizenoze signs a strategic partnership agreement with Massarat FZCO, a Dubai-based EdTech startup. 

Amsterdam/ Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 9th 2021– Wizenoze is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to integrate its data-driven platform with Massarat FZCO, a recently founded Dubai-based EdTech startup. The Massart platform provides every high school graduate with the ability to plan for a successful future by providing them with personalized data that has been collected throughout their K12 educational journey. The Wizenoze platform aggregates online curated education content and makes it available for learners in an easy and organized manner.   

Learners will no longer need to wait days or weeks to get the results of a quiz or a test. They will be able to immediately see how they performed on an assessment and what learning objectives they have mastered and on which ones they need to work more, and with a click of a button, they will be able to access content specifically designed to help them get better at it. 

“We are very proud to partner with Wizenoze. This partnership adds a lot of value to our students, parents, and educators. Not only will they be able to know exactly what is going well and what is not, but they will also be able to do something about it and work effectively and efficiently to improve. ” said Mr. Bilal Shammout, Co-Founder and CEO of Massarat FZCO. 

Diane Janknegt, Founder of Wizenoze says, “The partnership with the data-driven platform Massarat is exciting, as we will be reaching students, parents, and teachers in the UAE. Massarat’s ability to collect and analyse educational data in real-time from all schools, students, parents, and teachers is very hard needed. For Wizenoze, this partnership emphasizes our commitment to the Middle East and North Africa Region.” 

About Massarat 
Massarat is a digital EdTech platform empowering all stakeholders in K12 to make informed, data-driven decisions whenever they need. The technology was invented by Co-founder & CEO, Bilal Shammout, a 20 year veteran of Microsoft Corp., out of a personal need to provide his children with a better future. Massarat is on a mission to disrupt the very foundations of the outdated K12 educational system and provide today’s learners with personalized pathways to succeed as adults. For more information on our capital raise, or get to know more about what our platform can do for your school, please contact at info@massarat.com

About Wizenoze:  
Wizenoze is a fast-scaling international Ed-tech company that aims to become the unquestioned solution for anyone who wishes to offer educational content in their applications, platforms, lessons, or solutions, whether it is open curated information from the internet or proprietary content from publishers. Wizenoze is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands with its international offices in London, UK, and New Delhi, India.  
For more information on how to power your platform, please contact   
Wizenoze: info@wizenoze.com | MENA Country head: Fadi Khalek: fadi@wizenoze.com 

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