Wizenoze is now a member of The We Make Change project

Wizenoze is now a member of The We Make Change project

Wizenoze is pleased to announce that we are now members of the We Make Change project. This brings us closer to our goals of making Education more sustainable and accessible for all learners worldwide, which is also a goal of the United Nations. Read on to see how you can become a member in various fields of Education, Research and Writing.


Become a member of our Testing and Trial Panel (KS1-5, K-12 or Post-16). Our technology is constantly updated and improved and we need teachers and their learners to test it and give us feedback on where to improve or change. If you are a teacher in Asia, MENA, US or UK, and have a passion for Education Technology this is an opportunity to share your insight and help us to level up learning and make it more accessible for all learners. We also would love to ask groups or classes of learners for their views. This also creates a great opportunity for them to learn more about software development and AI. Any time you can give us is valuable-from completing a quick online survey to participating in a focus group.
Volunteer 2 hours per month


We are looking for educational experts who can help us curate our resources and content, especially when we need to integrate a new curriculum or add a new region. We only allow the best educational content in our collection and we constantly curate our resources, both via AI and via a team of experts. If you have a couple of hours per month to spare, to help us out and check educational websites, videos, images and other content to make sure it is authentic, we would love to welcome you in our team. We are especially looking for people in the MENA region.
Volunteer 2-8 hours per week


We publish blogs and research papers with a variety of topics addressing global Educational Challenges, showing the latest AI solutions or trying to explain how searching the internet actually works. To make the content most effective we are always looking for copywriters who like to make a point and want to contribute to a good cause.
Volunteer 1 hour per week


Read more about the We make change project here.


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