WizeNoze and Alpha Publishing sign a strategic partnership to improve learning outcomes in schools worldwide

WizeNoze and Alpha Publishing sign a strategic partnership to improve learning outcomes in schools worldwide

Amsterdam/Dubai, 1st February 2022 – Wizenoze is pleased to announce its partnership with Alpha Publishing, a leading global learning solutions provider. Alpha Publishing produces high-quality programs and resources for US K-12 and English Language Teaching both online and in print. The eAlpha LMS connects students and teachers, providing them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning environment, where users can work online or offline on any device.

Wizenoze will now be integrated seamlessly into the eAlpha learning experience and will be available to users worldwide. Wizenoze’s extensive content library will now further enrich the eAlpha platform, providing current, trusted, and personalized material to learners and educators. The resources provided are directly aligned to the specific needs of the learner and curated from a collection of over 65 million assets.

As the education sector increasingly embraces the use of digital content, students are relying more and more on trusted online resource. The collaboration between Alpha Publishing and Wizenoze meets this challenge head-on.

Speaking about the partnership, Diane Janknegt, Founder of Wizenoze, said, “With the integration into the eAlpha eLearning Platform, students across the globe will have access to a e-library full of curated and teacher-approved educational content, matched to any curriculum and specific learning capability. Making learning in eAlpha even more fun and engaging for every student, anywhere.”

Ramiz Haddadin, GM of Alpha Publishing, added, “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with WizeNoze, signaling a new era for Alpha Publishing moving to the forefront of AI integration within the educational sector. This partnership perfectly complements Alpha Publishing’s commitment to supporting students worldwide on their personalized learning journeys.”

About Alpha Publishing

Alpha Publishing is emerging as the leading international provider of educational learning solutions in the region, offering high-quality programs and resources for US K-12, as well as English Language Teaching. Partnering with globally renowned companies, we offer innovative solutions to guarantee the best learning outcomes for students, as well as meeting the educational requirements of schools and ministries worldwide.

With a dedicated and experienced publishing team that leverages trusted resources for continuous research, we deliver up to date, personalized and market-leading content through our books and eAlpha, our digital learning platform. To support our core programs, we have created focused supplementary materials which have been proven to enhance the learning outcomes of students and targeted content and training in SEL, STEAM and Student Wellbeing.

About Wizenoze

Wizenoze is a fast-scaling international Ed-tech company that aims to become the unquestioned solution for anyone who wishes to offer educational content in their applications, platforms, lessons, or solutions, whether it is open curated information from the internet or proprietary content from publishers. Wizenoze is headquartered in Amsterdam, NL with its international offices in London, UK, and New Delhi, India.

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