Reclaiming the internet for education

The internet has lost its innocence for educators and students.

It’s no longer a great place for people to share and learn. It’s driven by commercial interests. Search engines and websites aim to monetise you first, serve you second. And that’s got to change, if you want to use the internet for educational purposes.

As avid believers in the transformational power of education, Wizenoze exists to reclaim the internet for education and learning. To make it valuable and suitable for everyone to learn how, where and when they want. To help people make better use of all the great educational material that’s already out there. To eliminate limits to how far they can go and grow.

Content is the key

In a world of information overload, we don’t need to create more educational content – we need to open up and make better use of all the great stuff that is already out there. Content that is up to date, locally relevant and written from multiple points of view. How? By combining the latest educational insights, data and AI. Through this, we will enable new generations of educators to deliver trustworthy, personalised and proprietary content from the world’s leading publishing houses, smart EdTech innovators and the internet.

On the student side...

...we make it easy for students of all ages to access inspiring content. Content that is tailored to their curriculum, age, educational attainment, language skills and ambitions. The result is brilliant educational content that is engaging and relevant, creating barrier-free learning opportunities that can transform lives. It’s that simple. And that big.

Making a difference

Over the last seven years, we’ve shown time and again that we are good at what we do. We’ve won accolades from Disrupt 100, Forbes and Google, among others. Which is fantastic. But not as fantastic as knowing that our positive impact on global education standards is helping to improve real people’s lives in the real world.

As we move forward

Our aim is to take what we do to the next level by providing even wider and fairer access to even better and more tailored educational content. To match the needs of new generations of learners ever more closely, so they can look forward to a future of better careers, better health, greater equality, less poverty and more rewarding work.
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