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The Search Whitepaper

Curious to know how our Search Engine works? Or how the Wizenoze machine learning model works? Download our White paper to know how Wizenoze makes searching for information easy for learners.  

Contents of the White paper: 

  • Why do learners find search engines difficult to use? 
  • How do search engines work?
  • Why is Wizenoze different?
  • How does Wizenoze work?
  • How does the Wizenoze machine learning model work?
  • How does Wizenoze make search easy for learners?

This whitepaper is written by Thijs Westerveld, Director of Science at Wizenoze.

Download The Search Whitepaper

Empowering Customers Customising & Maintaining Curriculums

At Wizenoze we believe our products should be delivered through seemless integrations. Content should be seen as a critical part of an engaging learning journeys. 

Content can be used to facilitate learning. It is the way it is packaged, displayed, scaffolded and used that makes it effective. The same content can be used in different ways to empower multiple learning objectives. 

At Wizenoze we have aggregated the worlds largest collection of educational materials. 

Download The Empowering Customers Customising & Maintaining Curriculums Whitepaper

The Benefits of Curation versus Creation of Content

There is a clear global benefit and impact of digital content in the education space. The industry is looking for solutions to the challenges commonly experienced by Educational Providers when utilizing digital content. What is the alternative to just creating more content in a digital world with already rich resources?

Students want to find information easily, and teachers typically signpost educational resources to keep them on track with their learning intention. Research has shown that structured and tailored content solutions allow educators to empower students to find quality content independently, opening-up better opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge.

We have listened to learners and educators tell us that learners are overwhelmed with digital content and struggle to differentiate the useful information to apply to their learning. Curated content enables learners to find what they need specific to their learning program and level, age, grade, and language skills.

The white paper presented here identifies the top 10 Benefits of Curated Educational Content for students, teachers, and businesses. 

Download the Benefits of Curation versus Creation of Content Whitepaper

Curriculum Structure White paper

Our solution is designed to be integrated into other educational platforms. All curriculums are structured to allow straightforward matching of our curated content to your existing structure of learning objectives. 

This paper explains how Wizenoze translates a curriculum syllabus and specifications into defined layers. Furthermore, it provides insight into how the curated content matches learning objectives.

Download the Curriculum Structure Whitepaper

Designing digital services with students rights in mind

An estimated one in three of all Internet users in the world today is below the age of 18. Access to the internet offers young people access to a wealth of information that can lead to better education and improved life chances. However, the internet has grown so much and so fast that people are now being flooded with irrelevant information. This is especially the case for young people who are still developing their information handling and literacy skills.

Download the Digital Services Whitepaper

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