Webinar – 18 August 2021

Webinar – 18 August 2021

The Covid pandemic has had a major impact on usage patterns of digital content. Online education is no more a choice and it is indeed digital content and delivery that is driving and aiding education and learning for the majority of global learners. Through this webinar we hope to think through key aspects that will help educators tackle the ongoing evolution and create effective content strategies.   The speakers include global leaders from the content and publishing industry, the EdTech sector, school leaders, and users.


The Edtech Industry has been working towards offering more content for personalized and teacher-facilitated learning for almost a decade now. This has been supporting teachers in better learning experiences and more visual understanding of the learning objectives. 

However, the pandemic has changed the need and usage patterns of the content in an online teaching paradigm. Online education and content are now mainstream, and the core learning pedagogy revolves around it. There is a need for more student-focussed, personalized learning material – something that could be used by teachers for in-class/online teaching, and parents as the learning support systems. This necessitates a content strategy for the educators – content creators, schools, and teachers.  

Wizenoze is getting some of the industry leaders from the Education, Edtech Enterprises, and Content Curation industry to help you devise efficient content strategies for your educational institute.

The Webinar was held on 18th of August 2021 and was a huge success with some of the key industry leaders presenting their point of view during the session. 

Some of the key questions discussed: 
  • What kind of content do we need to support our learning processes? For the students? Educators? Parents?
  • Where do we get the learning content? – The choices between Creation and Curation, Open Educational Resources and Proprietary content – and their coexistence
  • What should be the Content Strategy for my organization? – Today in the pandemic world, and post-pandemic and in the future
  • The cost-benefit analysis of content strategies
  • Enabling the educators for consuming the content

Watch the insightful webinar here:

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