Voices of education: testimonials from our educators

Voices of education: testimonials from our educators

Voices of education: testimonials from our educators

As a Physics teacher, I have always found it challenging to deliver the true meaning of a physics concept. Physics is one of the most intriguing sciences out there. Students approach studying Physics with a very wary attitude. I was always faced with responses like “We love Physics but the mathematical part, ugh” or “Where do I see this in my life?”. This puts pressure on the teacher to deliver and exceed their expectations.

Visual explanations of abstract Physics concepts have proven to be a very effective tool. The internet is full of hundreds of videos and simulations that are advertised as “student helping tools”. The question is, can we rely on the authenticity and validity of these sources?

Currently, most students appeal to AI resources such as ChatGPT and others for the most “reliable answers”. A student roaming the internet for available resources to clarify a certain concept ends up using AI resources such as ChatGPT and other websites for the “easy answers”, but is it an efficient and reliable way?

The problem in such AI empowered sites and applications is that some lead to invalid links, or links with good content but improper side ads, or links with content that can exceed the knowledge level required. Teachers face the same problems when trying to find the best sources for their lessons in addition to being a time consuming task.

Wizenoze provides a solution to this dilemma by providing teachers with safe, hand picked resources matched to a specific curriculum standard. In my experience, the Wizenoze collections are great for helping students understand one of the most challening subjects out there – Physics.

Fida Taychouri, Physics Teacher
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