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Diane Janknegt
Parvinder Bhatia
Chief Financial Officer
Fredrik Paulsson
Chief Technology Officer
Suchindra Kumar
Country Director - India
Desma Tucker
Customer Success Manager - UK
Sanjiv Sharma
Head of Business Development - India
Christine Fraser
Director of Product
Edin Hendo
UI/UX Designer
Sanne Malcorps
Customer Success Manager - Benelux
Thijs Westerveld, PhD
Director of Science
Luís Lemos
Senior Backend Developer
Tanya Kolinko
Design Director
Eileen Waegemaekers PhD
Information specialist
Wouter Priester
Senior Product Manager
Gerben de Vries, PhD
Applied Scientist
Rachael Chidgey
Education Specialist
Deepthi Ausekar
Junior Product Manager
Karl Tamm
Operations Executive
Giwan Persaud
Lead front-end developer
Carsten Schnober
Research Engineer
Devanjali Dutt
Customer Success Manager India
Somya Agrawal
Content Curator and Configurator
Pratibha Rani
Content Curator & Configurator
Mateo Richi
Junior Back-end Developer
Denise Recofka
Junior Front-end Developer
Sakshi Mohan
Content Curator & configurator
Mahevesh Khan
Customer Success Manager India
Seema Narang
Content Lead - India
Abhijit Das
Head of Business Development - India

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