Structuring the Internet for education 

Structuring the Internet for education 
There is a clear global benefit and impact of digital content in the education space. The industry is looking for solutions to the challenges commonly experienced by educational providers when utilising digital content. What is the alternative to just creating more content in a digital world with already rich resources? 
Aggregating internet resources for education

Students want to find information easily, and educators typically signpost educational resources to keep them on track with their learning intention.

Research has shown that structured and tailored content solutions allow educators to empower students to find quality content independently, opening-up better opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge. 

At Wizenoze we’ve developed a way to enable learners to access the rich world of educational content that already exists by preselecting and categorizing internet resources and aligning them to different learning programmes and levels, ages, grades and language skills. 

We’ve curated around 60+ million internet resources and mapped these to six national curricula: CCSS, NGSS, National Curriculum for England, ICSE, CBSE and Dutch primary education.  

Wizenoze curriculum layers 

When we build a new Wizenoze curriculum, we start by determining the number of layers. To do this, our information and educational specialists examine the existing framework and determine the requirements.  

A curriculum usually consists of five layers. These layers can in turn consist of one or more elements. For example, for the National Curriculum for England we have 10 grade layers (Year 1 to Year 10-11), each with their own subjects, units and topics. Because of this stratification and branching, we therefore also speak of a ‘curriculum tree’. 

Internet resources matched to learning objectives 

The bottom layer of the curriculum tree are the results from the Wizenoze collection. Suggested by our AI and checked by subject experts.

Discover more

Check out our white paper to see how Wizenoze translates curriculum syllabus and specifications into defined layers. Although we use an example structure in the paper, you can implement your curriculum to level up learning for your business.

Curriculum Structure White paper

Our solution is designed to be integrated into other educational platforms. All curriculums are structured to allow straightforward matching of our curated content to your existing structure of learning objectives. 

This paper explains how Wizenoze translates a curriculum syllabus and specifications into defined layers. Furthermore, it provides insight into how the curated content matches learning objectives.

Download the Curriculum Structure Whitepaper

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