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Index and search your content by reading level  

Wizenoze Search is the perfect replacement for your existing website search tool. Improve your site search results by increasing engagement time. Boost return rates due to the higher personalised reading levels delivering relevance.

A free trial period is available for appraisal.

Better accessibility for children

Add our (child-friendly) search technology to your website to make your content better accessible for children. They can now search for information on your website that matches their reading level.

Reading level classification

Add reading level classification to your content and give young audiences access to information at their reading level.

Content Collection – The Web for Classrooms

Expand your content with results from our collection of curated informational websites through our Collection API. Go to The Web for Classrooms

Free of advertising

Move over to WizeNoze Site Search when you don’t want search solutions such as Google, to present ads on your website for children.

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