Wizenoze Readability Classification

We challenge the status quo of readability classification that is based on 50 year old theories

Our Ph.D. experts in natural language processing and machine learning built a better classification engine leveraging Artificial Intelligence and modern machine learning.

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Page Scan

A web browser extension that enables writers to analyse the reading level of any webpage in seconds to ensure that content is on reading level target.

Use the web tool at WizeScan.com or download the Chrome plugin for free. Once you’ve used WizeScan five times to check reading levels, we will ask you to sign up for a free account at WizeScan.com.

Document Scan

A bulk readability analysis service which scans entire websites, PDFs and Word processed documents. Document Scan provides insights into the readability of existing content. It  enables the user to scan copy based on an input target reading level, enabling publishers to improve the quality of audience targeting.

Costs can be reduced by introducing our readability technology to workflows, as editors are able to gain an immediate overview of the general readability of the piece before investing in further edits.

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Example of text statistics in document scan report

Wizenoze Editor

A web-based text editor enabling text writers to check the reading level of their copy in real time. Wizenoze Editor (Wizenote) provides useful improvement suggestions based on the actual target reading level the copy is intended for. A feature that no other readability tool offers today.

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Readability API

An extensive suite of API’s which enable integration of our readability classification engine into any of your existing software tools. 

Using our readability API’s, your existing software products could be transformed to deliver the following features:

  1. Alternative text suggestions based on target reading level
  2. Real-time written text reading level display
  3. Indexed web content pre-classified by reading level
  4. Web page or document reading level scanning
  5. Integrated readability editor to help writers check their own writing (or power your own editor with Wizenoze technology)
  6. Bulk scanning service to help companies check their entire back catalogue of digital materials

Take a look at our API documentation

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