Offering a range of educational tools and software

A full digital solution for the classroom

Plantyn is convinced that learners need help to find the right and relevant information for their schoolwork. Wizenoze is the preferred search engine for learners on Scoodle Play.
Who are the users?
Primary school pupils

For over 70 years, Plantyn has been one of the most important educational publishers in Belgium. Plantyn offers a range of educational tools and software. Designed for primary education, Scoodle is a digital total solution for the classroom, allowing students to practise and teachers to access all the information needed to support the lesson.

“If students want to safely research classroom topics, they can use the search engine available in Scoodle play’s ‘computer room’. The search results are adapted to the student’s age: both in terms of reading level and the suitability of the content of the web pages”.
Primary school teacher
Year 8

What are the challenges?

Plantyn had received a lot of feedback from teachers about the need for a protected web environment for their students. They believed that their students’ experience using the internet was less than ideal. There was too much information and some of it was unusable. On top of that, students were often distracted by advertising.

The Wizenoze solution

By using the Wizenoze integration, students are more focused and spend less time on information they cannot use. They are provided with targeted information, helping them improve their schoolwork. “I really like the fact that my students no longer have to use a regular search engine. Instead, within Scoodle Play, they can directly access information from the internet without running the risk of ending up on "odd" internet pages!”



By using the Web for Classrooms search engine in Scoodle Play, 86% of the teachers surveyed reported that their students were no longer distracted by websites that are not educational.


75% of the surveyed teachers experienced a better quality of school work when students researched information themselves using Web for Classrooms in Scoodle Play. 

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