Educational technology for BTEC students


Educational technology for BTEC students Pearson-BTEC Wizenoze technology powers Web for BTEC and provides students with the most relevant and up-to-date online educational content to enhance their vocational knowledge and experience. It helps to improve the outcomes of learners’ coursework.
Who are the users?
Vocational students
How it works
Wizenoze technology is branded Web for BTEC and integrated into Pearsons Learning Hub

Pearson is a leading global learning company and the largest UK awarding body. It offers academic and vocational qualifications such as BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) and Edxcel, covering schools, colleges and training providers. Pearson provides a blend of content, curricula, assessment and training, with a pledge to measure and increase the impact on learning outcomes.

"When I tell my students to go and do research. Web for BTEC is the better one-stop-shop for them, compared to Google.Teachers providing content is not enough, as they need to read information from other sources to increase their understanding."
BTEC Teacher

What are the challenges?

Pearson is focused on expanding its digital and blended delivery offer to enhance the learning possibilities of its learners. Coursework is the current main assessment method for its BTEC qualifications, which requires students to carry out research. In our BTEC pilot study in April 2019, we found that most students use online content, rather than books, to undertake research. Teachers report that learners at level 2 and 3 need support with finding appropriate informational content online that they can understand. This means that teachers spend time signposting relevant, readable educational websites for their students. Students told us they also spend time locating online content as they seek to find and use a range of sources to achieve better grades.

The Wizenoze solution

The product:
Together with its teaching professionals, we built a customised solution for Pearson that matched with their course content and learning outcomes. We call the solution Web for BTEC, powered by Wizenoze. Web for BTEC contains a curated collection of subject-specific, age-appropriate websites.

The impact:
Web for BTEC provides learners with the most relevant and up-to-date online educational content to enhance their vocational knowledge and experience. Web for BTEC improves the outcomes of learners’ coursework through the use of a research tool that enables them to undertake more efficient and independent research and deepen their learning.

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