Supporting teachers with the preparation and design of lessons

Publisher for primary education

Onlineklas uses the Wizenoze API to give students quick and easy access to reliable information online. As a result, students have more time to actively learn about the subject, instead of wasting time searching for information.
The Netherlands
Who are the users?
Primary schools in the Netherlands
How it works
Since 2016, Onlineklas has integrated the Web for Classrooms API in their online portal.

Onlineklas provides an online platform to support teachers with the preparation and design of their lessons. It also helps to adapt teaching materials to the individual needs of the pupil. Onlineklas is an all-round publisher for primary education and provides teaching materials for all subjects. The Onlineklas portal also offers access to digital learning resources; supports communication with students and parents and provides access to third party systems. Everything teachers and pupils need is provided by Onlineklas.

“Before we offered Wizenoze’s child-friendly search engine in our portal, we sent our students out in the open, letting them search for unlimited information on the internet. Teachers indicated that students spent far too much time on unsuitable sites and that they found it very difficult to distinguish non-educational information from good educational information. Therefore, we needed a solution for this problem.”
Michael Stenvert
CEO Onlineklas

The Wizenoze solution

With Web for Classrooms, students using Onlineklas can quickly and easily access reliable information. Students have more time to actively learn about the subject instead of wasting time searching for information about it. Web for Classrooms is now incorporated in our Learning Method “Topondernemers”.

The Outcome

Every week, about 10,000 search queries are made in Web for Classrooms via the Onlineklas portal.

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