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Who are the users?
Middle and Secondary school students 
How it works
MarkSharks uses curated content by Wizenoze to offer students exploratory content aligned to the CBSE curriculum requirements for STEM subjects

About the customer

MarkSharks is an eLearning tool with a fresh outlook, turning your mobile device or tablet into a virtual lab where you can question, explore, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts using real world examples. The learning environment is enriched with an element of fun using games, 3D simulations, puzzles, questions and experiments.

The Wizenoze Solution

Students using the MarkSharks application can enrich their learning with access to curated content powered by Wizenoze. This content is already mapped to the respective grade and lesson. Wizenoze curated content gives students the option to learn through text and videos from globally recognized educational sources.

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