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By deploying the smart Wizenoze technology in the GO! learning platform, pupils now have quick and easy access to relevant and reliable internet resources that match age, reading level and theme.
Geïntegreerd Onderwijs
Who are the users?
Primary school
How it works
Pupils and teachers can consult the collection of qualitative internet sources in the GO! theme offer, but also by learning path and learning objective as used in Dutch primary education. In addition, pupils can search for information themselves via an open search function.
“The strength of our collaboration lies in our unique proposition. Together we offer schools an enormous rich range of informative materials and teachers are given the right tools to further shape their thematic education.”
Natasja Vranken
Co-founder, Geïntegreerd Onderwijs

GO! and Wizenoze

GO! encourages education to return to the core of learning. Out of curiosity and genuine interest, pupils discover with the online learning environment of GO! the world around them. Children learn to think critically and creatively in context, to make connections and to ask the right questions. As a school, you offer the subjects world orientation, citizenship, digital literacy, science, nature and technology, philosophy and art and culture on the basis of the eight ready-made themes.

The cross-curricular themes of GO! are enriched with the Wizenoze collection of high-quality educational internet resources. The carefully selected internet sources are in line with the world of children, the different reading levels and ages. This gives the pupils that extra push in the right direction to dive deeper into a subject, without having to access to the free internet themselves.
“GO! shares our ambition to offer new learning opportunities to as many pupils worldwide as possible. Both our collections of materials are accessible anytime and anywhere and can be used internationally. Both in the classroom and at home.”
Sanne Malcorps
Customer Success Manager - Benelux

Reading pleasure and reading promotion with current and thematic internet resources

In the vicinity of GO! discovery learning is central. In addition to using challenging materials, pupils are encouraged to research information themselves. Unfortunately, they are flooded with that on the internet. This makes inquiry-based learning a difficult task for pupils. They get lost in the maze of information and lose a lot of time on websites that are unsuitable for them. Through the use of the smart Wizenoze technology, pupils now have quick and easy access to relevant and reliable internet resources that match age, reading level and theme. In a safe environment, pupils develop indispensable information skills and practice reading comprehension. In addition, teachers are given extra support to better guide their pupils in inquiry-based and discovery learning.

After school further research

Learning doesn't stop when the bell rings! The videos, assignments and the library of internet resources challenge the pupils to continue to wonder even after school. Not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally thanks to the English themes and materials. Teachers and pupils respond enthusiastically and together they achieve great learning outcomes.
Wizenoze improves learning performance

What teachers say

“Reading pleasure and reading skills are an important focus at our school. With Wizenoze's Internet resources, my pupils develop a broader vocabulary and practice reading comprehension on the Internet."
Group 5-6
“My pupils are quicker to find better resources that are appropriate for their age and reading level. They read specific information within the context of a theme. That brings the theme even more to life for the children!"
Group 8

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