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Digibib's Wizenoze technology has enabled Consortium’s (pre-)vocational students to have a better learning experience. It offers access to up-to-date and relevant online collections, tailored to their needs, as they follow their (T)VET-courses and exams.
Consortium for Vocational Education and Training
The Netherlands
Who are the users?
(Pre-)VET students
How it works
When students open their learning material in Digibib, they can also directly search for information in Web for Classrooms.

Digibib is a knowledge and expertise centre for more than 40 (T)VET-Colleges and 120 Pre-VET Colleges in The Netherlands. Many branch organisations are partners and industry trainers also belong to the knowledge network of the Consortium. Together with field experts, the Consortium quickly and effectively innovates teaching and learning materials in the ever-changing world of (Pre)VET. Examples of their online learning environments are Digibib and Itsdigibib.

"As a knowlegde and expertise centre, we constantly work with our partners in (T)VET and industry. Due to Covid-19, the digitalisation of (T)VET is growing even more and rapidly than before. Digibib, our methods and materials, are an important part of keeping up with the changes in (T)VET in The Netherlands."
Michel Wouters
Director, Digibib

What are the challenges?

Half of (Pre-)VET students rarely use their textbooks. We therefore realised it was necessary to innovate educational material by increasing the use of the internet as a source of information. However, Google is distracting, the information is cluttered and students are unable to assess its reliability. And students don’t know how to link valuable and relevant information to their learning goals.

The Wizenoze solution

We started with a pilot to offer Web for Classrooms to VET-students of Healthcare and Technology. Together with field experts and information specialists from the Consortium, we have compiled special collections of reliable websites for these disciplines. These collections support students in finding reliable, up-to-date and relevant information to improve their learning experience and get better outcomes.



of the students could find enough information using WfC for their schoolwork
(source: Consortium pilot results)


of the students stated that searching for information using WfC was fast
(source: Consortium pilot results)

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