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Schoolsupport is an Educational Publisher. One of their products is an online platform, called DC Online, where primary school pupils can find informational and educational e-books and where they can search for relevant educational online information.
The Netherlands
Who are the users?
Primary school pupils
How it works
Schoolsupport has integrated Web for Classrooms into DC Online for students and teachers.

Schoolsupport offers a range of print and digital learning solutions. Its mission is to motivate learners to explore and to help them develop essential skills like reading comprehension. Wizenoze supports these goals by offering curated online educational information, carefully matched to the learners’ needs. The internet has become a relevant learning tool.

"When learners need to find information via Google, they have no clue whether the results are relevant and suitable for their age and reading level or if they can trust the information. There is also too much noise on the general online platforms. Wizenoze only shows relevant and educational results and therefore offers a perfect solution for our pupils."

What are the challenges?

Teachers using DC Online from Schoolsupport need to align their lessons to the different needs and abilities of the learners in the specific year groups. Schoolsupport’s mission is to help teachers in preparing their lessons and to offer innovative product solutions for this challenge.

The Wizenoze solution

In response to the above challenge, Schoolsupport has integrated Wizenoze's API, Web for Classrooms, into their learning platform DC Online. Web for Classrooms uses Wizenoze’s state-of-the-art readability index to assist teachers with preparing for their lessons. This indicates the reading level of online educational results and so supports the teacher in finding relevant information for a specific topic that is appropriate in terms of the reading and learning level of the student. Teachers who use Web for Classrooms are able to reduce their lesson preparation time. When students use the DC Online website, they can directly search information in Web for Classrooms. Students waste less time on websites they cannot use and are less distracted by irrelevant information. Web for Classrooms filters online educational information by their reading level, helping students to improve their schoolwork and gain more self-confidence in their own reading skills.

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