Award-winning reference and curriculum resources

A world-class solution for educational content

Wizenoze has partnered with Britannica School to improve learning. Britannica School (K-12) quality proprietary content is now easily available and accessible with a Wizenoze integration.
Who are the users?
EdTech players catering to K-12 schools and learners
How it works
Britannica School content available and fully merged into the Wizenoze collection

Britannica School is part of the world-famous Britannica Group and provides reliable, award-winning reference and curriculum resources for primary and secondary schools. It gives access to the world’s knowledge with accurate, nonfiction, cross-curricular multimedia content that’s aligned to the next generation science, common core and state curriculum standards.

"Our partnership with Britannica is great news for every EdTech player that is looking for a combination of trustworthy internet resources and paid-for digital content, in a very affordable way."
Diane Janknegt
Founder Wizenoze

A complete collection of digital content to make learning more equal worldwide

If you are an EdTech company that wants to provide your learners with the best online educational content, the Wizenoze solution, enriched with Britannica School, is a must-have.

Wizenoze gives access to the best online educational content, curated and matched to curriculum, age and readling level. EdTech specialists can opt for a fully integrated and easily accessible collection, with openly available resources, or a collection enriched with Britannica School content.
"We are excited to partner with Wizenoze to develop a world-class solution of educational content that will enrich students globally."
Sal De Spirito
Global SVP of Education and Business Development at Britannica Group

Britannica and Wizenoze: A world-class solution for educational content

Through this partnership, EdTech specialists and their learners now have access to a trusted digital content collection:

  •  Enriched with more than 100,000 articles available in Britannica School, updated daily by educational experts
  • Matched to your curriculum and desired learning outcomes
  • Matched to keywords, age and reading level, and curated by experts
  • AI-driven readability classification to automatically identify the reading level of any text
  • Fully integrated into the school learning platform
  • Available in one click, with no extra logins, subscriptions or different platforms

    If you want to increase your platform’s engagement and provide your learners with the best educational online content, please contact the Wizenoze Team.

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