Pioneering Schools interviews changemaker Diane Janknegt

Pioneering Schools interviews changemaker Diane Janknegt

Pioneering Schools is a learning story hub and a network with the mission to make innovation in learning visible, accessible, and scalable. Diane Janknegt proudly supports Pioneering Schools as Changemaker in the International Education Technology Sector. Please read her interview.

Diane, you started Wizenoze seven years before the global pandemic and the accelerated use of online learning. What has changed for you in the past year?  

There was a rapid increase in usage of our solution when Covid caused many countries to go into lockdown and schools had to shift to remote learning instantly. Many of our partners reacted and gave schools access to their online platforms to support setting up remote learning in a very short time. The result was a significant increase in usage of our solutions which are part of the platforms. We adapt our products based on real user feedback. You can imagine that the increase in usage also meant more data to work with. As a result, we have been able to increase the number of curricula we have in our portfolio and have significantly improved the learning experience. It also enabled us to increase our number of employees and we have welcomed quite a number of new recruits, which is a fantastic way forward. On top of all that we were able to close and double an investment round. We are now really and very ably set for exciting growth, with the opening of our India Office as a result.

Can you explain in a few words what Wizenoze does?

We give learners access to the best educational information on the internet that matches their curriculum, age and reading level. Wizenoze is a vast, searchable digital library curated to be expansive, diverse, reliable, and safe. Our products are easily integrated into schools’ learning platforms and are hugely increasing the learning experience and outcomes. Wizenoze has gained recognition from Disrupt 100, Forbes, and Google. But nothing, of course, compares to knowing that we are having a genuine impact on global education standards and helping improve the lives of real people in the real world. Wizenoze operates internationally and has offices in Amsterdam, London and New Delhi.

The way we learn is changing. Learning happens everywhere and anytime. Is online learning here to stay?

We believe remote learning is here to stay in different styles and manners. Online platforms with school and education-specific apps and content have now proven to be very effective. Simultaneously, the pandemic has also proven the non-replaceable role of a teacher in front of the classroom. Therefore we believe that a hybrid model will remain after the pandemic.

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