Our mission

We want online information to be accessible and meaningful for children, teenagers, people with lower literacy skills and second language learners. So, we make it possible for people to create and to access content that is both reliable and readable.

At the heart of the WizeNoze platform is a set of powerful classification algorithms that facilitate evaluation of the reading level a text is written on. Our online tool, WizeNote, allows you to easily customize and convert a difficult text into one accessible at a lower reading level. The technology automatically provides suggestions for improvements that simplify structure and recommends simpler vocabulary.

When it comes to children in today’s online information society, the focus has so far been on excluding information. We have seen lots of developments in filters and parental controls to block inappropriate content. These efforts are good, but they don’t improve the quality or suitability of the information that does come through. It’s time for a change. We challenge the status quo with our technology.

Our algorithms are the result of years of academic research into Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Machine learning.

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