Our resilient and fact-checking Teenagers!

Our resilient and fact-checking Teenagers!

Lockdown emphasises the need for a better internet for schoolwork and learners.

It’s June 2020; there’s a teenager in the house and she’s taking this whole lockdown in her stride.  Keeping on top of her schoolwork, chatting with her friends, working out to keep fit. I am so proud, not just of her but all those teenagers who suddenly three months ago faced a completely different world. They got on with it, despite their desperate need to get away from their parents and explore the world with their friends.

And whilst I live with one particular teenager, I know we can all be very proud of all these teenagers, as I have been fortunate enough to speak with many of them, via Zoom, of course, chatting about their schoolwork and asking questions around how they use the internet for their school work. We have chatted about what the ‘optimum Internet’ should look like so that they can learn more, achieve higher grades, do more research, or simply so that they can complete their homework quickly and turn attentions to the X-box!

It’s been mind-blowing to hear their ideas and their dreams and mostly to feel their resilience. Resilience to their lockdown situation, but also their resilience in dealing with not knowing if the information they get from the internet is correct – they all said it would be so nice to have a fact-checker of some sort.

Of course, we already knew that. Being part of the Wizenoze team means that realisation runs in our blood: simply we’re always trying to make the internet a better place for all the leaners in the world. Giving students access to a reliable internet has always been in the heart of our products.

Lockdown has further emphasised the need for a better internet for schoolwork and learners and as a result, we continue to work hard to get Web for Classrooms right for all students.

In the meantime, we keep on interviewing them, to make sure we develop our products in line with our users’ needs. And secretly, also to have some uplifting and apolitical conversations with a future generation that is both lovely and responsible!

I am so proud of them!

Tjadine Ullmann
User-centred design team
Wizenoze UK

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