Wizenoze participates in the first edition of Techleap.nl Rise. With this ambitious program, Techleap.nl and top entrepreneurs from Adyen, Elastic, Bynder, Picnic and Booking.com are committed to making the 10 most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands grow faster internationally. Wizenoze’s mission is to become the world’s largest information provider for learners.  

Selected following a lengthy and highly-competitive application process, Wizenoze joins the first round of Techleap.nl Rise which will provide access to a number of top entrepreneurs who are committed to growing the most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands.

The aim of Techleap.nl Rise is to support the emergence and development of world champions in the technology sector so that they become less dependent on technological solutions from other countries.

Commenting on what it means to be amongst the first businesses to benefit from the Techleap.nl Rise programme Diane Janknegt, Founder at Wizenoze, said:

“Being selected for Techleap.nl Rise will support us as we seek to extend our global reach and further grow our business. It’s an exciting opportunity for us and we’re looking forward to seeing where the feedback from the other founders and top entrepreneurs may take us. Wizenoze has a powerful and important mission to unlock the potential of the internet for all learners globally”. 

Speaking on behalf of the programme, HRH Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy Techleap.nl said:

“Covid-19 has shown how important it is to avoid becoming reliant on technological solutions from other countries. With Techleap.nl Rise we want to support more Dutch companies that can measure themselves internationally with the best. We have found the best entrepreneurs who are willing to help our most promising scale-ups with honest and constructive feedback and by learning from each other’s skills and connecting them to the right parties, we are creating an innovative climate in which tomorrow’s tech leaders can rise above themselves.”

More information on the programme and selected scale-ups can be found here.

For more information on Wizenoze, please contact: Hanna Jochmann, Wizenoze / hanna@wizenoze.com / +31 6 50976175 (or Diane +31651324466).

For more information on the Techleap Rise programme, contact: Rutger Huizenga, Communications Lead Techleap / rutger@techleap.nl / +31 06-52519583

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