London – Wednesday 23 January 2019 – The Wiser Internet for Education campaign will provide schools and teachers with information and resources to bring a 21st century learning tool safely and effectively into their classrooms. Prowise with Wizenoze have joined forces with Tes to support this must needed change.

The campaign will promote the 3R’s of good internet use – ‘Readability, Reliability and Relevance’. Lord Jim Knight will formally launch the campaign at Bett UK on 25th Jan in the School Theatre at 4.15pm.

  • Readability 75% of us cannot read most of what is written online (Wizenoze)
  • Reliability Only 2% of children have the skills to tell if information is fake (National Literacy Trust)
  • Relevance There are as many web pages for advertisers as there are keywords that can be typed into a search engine (The Economist)

Learning access

Over the past twenty years, the rise of the internet and the availability of web search engines has changed our society dramatically. For some of us, information is never more than a few clicks away. Unfortunately, the positive effect of these changes is not equally available to all. We need to start distinguishing between technical access and learning access to the internet.

Reliable content

For many people the amount of information online can be overwhelming and finding specific content within pages and pages of search results can be daunting. Additionally, a large proportion of the available information is actually too hard for almost half of the global population to understand, with most children not being able to distinguish between reliable and unreliable content.

Improving literacy

Simply put, the web was not designed for children. It was conceived for and by adults, and written for an elite reader. Yet a third of internet users are children. We must continue to encourage children and students to use the internet as it is a great source of information. However, we also need to support students to find the most pertinent information and present it in an age appropriate way. Improving literacy and learning for at least one-third of online users.

Maximum learning outcomes

“At Wizenoze we believe the internet facilitates vast opportunities for affordable and inclusive education globally. It is our mission to offer every student access to an internet fit for education. Andy by doing that, we want them to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Our own Web for Classrooms makes this mission possible.” Dr Leila Walker, UK Director.

Added value

Outlining their support for the campaign, Mario van Och, Country Manager UK & Ireland at Prowise commented, “By participating in this campaign together with Wizenoze and Tes, Prowise has a unique opportunity to show our educational DNA in the United Kingdom. Not only in terms of hardware products, but also in terms of software. At Prowise, we want to make digital learning resources accessible for everyone. We believe that our software products, like our hardware, have added value in every classroom. With our free educational software Presenter, in which the Web for Classrooms will be fully integrated, and the adaptive learning programs World of Education, we are taking wonderful steps forward”.

Bett sessions

To learn more, please visit our respective stands at Bett UK from 23-26 Jan. Prowise can be found at C92 and Wizenoze immediately opposite at C83. In addition, Wizenoze will be demonstrating how the combined educational services of Prowise and Wizenoze can deliver improved educational outcomes by using the internet. These sessions will run daily at the Prowise Sstand C92 from 1pm.

About Wizenoze

Wizenoze gives people access to an internet that matches their reading skills via the largest curated collection of online content available in the world today. The Web for Classrooms consists of more than 7 million pages and is comprehensively curated and indexed by reading level ability, giving people with lower reading skills access to reliable information on the internet that they understand.

About Prowise

Prowise is a leading global company that invests in innovation, quality and reliability in the field of digital learning solutions. By developing Touchscreens, devices and user-friendly software, Prowise makes learning more accessible, effective and enjoyable. The educational software Prowise Presenter 10 is one of the finalists in the race for a prestigious Bett Award in the category ‘Free digital content or open educational resources’. The Birmingham-based company, that has been operational for only 10 years, recorded an average revenue growth of 151% over the past three years. Currently, over 20,000 schools, 450,000 teachers and students and hundreds of companies in over 21 countries use the solutions offered by Prowise.


For more information, please feel free to contact:

Edith Kwaspen, Marketing Manager Prowise
Mobile: +31 623044823
General +31 (0) 495 49 71 10

Dr Leila Walker, UK Director
Mobile: +44 7968 800619

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