What do I tell my kids about Trump vs. Clinton? Wizenoze makes it easier to understand for children at every reading level. They are already online. Guide them with Wizenoze.

So, how easy to understand are the speeches of the US presidential candidates? That is one thing we asked ourselves after launching WizeScan, the readability classification tool for English and Dutch. To answer the question we analysed the respective campaign launch speeches of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as published online by Time.com. We found a remarkable difference between the two speeches. On a five point reading level scale, Trump’s speech is on level 2 (roughly equivalent to US grade level 2-3), while Clinton’s speech is classified as level 4 (US grade 6-8).

What does this mean?

Is Trump capable of explaining complex matter in simple language? Is his speech lacking content? Or is Clinton making things overly complex? Let us know what you think.

About WizeScan

WizeScan provides readability classification for plain text, HTML and URLs, in English and Dutch, predicting one of 5 reading levels, from easy to hard. The classification is based on state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing technology. To predict the readability for HTML documents we use a smart content extraction algorithm to get to the plain text, which is also shown in the response.

WizeScan comes in three variants. Pick what suits your needs and try it yourself.


Thijs Westerveld thijs

Chief Science Officer - PhD

Scientist, engineer, coffee snob, IR specialist, aspiring runner, PhD, critical thinker, ACM member, European cinema lover, constructive, realistic innovator, indie kid, analytical problem solver, cook, technology enthusiast.

Email: thijs@wizenoze.com


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