Web for Classrooms has arrived

  • The web as we know it was not built for education. But Web for Classrooms is
  • Most of the web’s content is not from trustworthy sources. Web for Classrooms only contains content that has been sourced by teachers.
  • Finding educational online content that meets personalized learning needs is hard. Web for Classrooms enables easy discovery by age and reading level.
  • Discovery of online educational content is time-consuming. Web for Classrooms makes discovery of good educational online content painless – saving teachers and students valuable planning and learning time.

Web for Classrooms is now available in all UK schools for the same price as an HB pencil per student.

Since its birth in 1995, educators, parents and learners have accepted the internet as a source of content that they are required to use in order to progress. This is regardless of the fact the internet was never built with learning in mind.

Significant content

Yes, the internet has significant content. And some makes great learning resources. However, discovering this content amongst a majority of commercially driven content is difficult. When you do find relevant content, further checks on suitability as well as its reading level are needed.

But things have just got a whole lot better. Meet Web for Classrooms.

Search the relevant and readable content

With over 6,545,345 web pages found and indexed by readability. From site sources that are all hand checked by teachers for suitability and relevance to the teaching curriculum. The award-winning Web for Classrooms is powered by a search system that can retrieve relevant education only pages, matched by reading level that you set from 1-5.

As teachers we spend so much time searching for that one resource or content that we require for a particular class or learner in mind. The internet can appear as the go-to-source for all you could possibly need but the reality is too much time is wasted finding content. And if you do happen to find something – it’s often too difficult for your class to read. With the Web for Classrooms I can find relevant content quickly as well as feel far more confident that my students will be able to source their own learning content, be able to read it and therefore learn from it.

Graeme Lawrie, Director of Innovation, Sevenoaks School

Other teacher testimonials include:

“Web for Classrooms is an excellent tool for any kind of research. It provides an efficient way to find good learning information.”  Christopher Solecki, Head of Music, Burntwood School

“An amazing tool to support literacy across subject areas.” Jessica Kempner, Head of Literacy, Hampstead School

“For 2 decades, as educators we have struggled to fit the web into our activities, blindly accepting that it contained great content, if only we could find it! Web for Classrooms has the potential to revolutionize how both teachers and students source online content to support their teaching and learning objectives.” Dr. Leila Walker, Wizenoze UK Lead,

Visit webforclassrooms.com today
and experience it for yourself


Dr. Leila Walker, UK Lead, Wizenoze

Email: leila@wizenoze.com    Telephone: 07968800619


About Wizenoze

WizeNoze was founded in Amsterdam in September 2013 by Diane Janknegt (ex-Microsoft and Inspiring Fifty) and Prof. dr. Theo Huibers (Strategical Advisor and Technical University Twente). Over the past four years, their team of international PhD experts, teachers and developers have built a unique readability analysis engine to provide authors and publishers with a faster, cost-effective and more accurate way to verify and adapt the readability level of content they produce. Wizenoze uses this readability analysis engine to give children and teenagers access to readable, online information through what is called Web for Classrooms. Their technology has won prestigious funding awards from Google and the Dutch government for the impact it is having on people’s literacy learning journey.

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