We offer access to a better internet for education

The internet has, unquestionably, transformed the world. It has revolutionised the way we work, the way we interact and, perhaps most importantly, how we access information. Also, in education, the internet is increasingly used by young people to support their independent learning. However, using the internet in education comes with challenges for students.

  1. The challenge of finding relevant information that is suitable for educational purposes.
  2. The challenge of finding readable information that is suited for their reading level.
  3. The challenge of finding reliable information among the vast amount of unreliable, fake information.

With our technology, we offer a solution for students to face these challenges. We offer access to an internet for education. We develop technology that enables students to search and find relevant and trusted content online that matches their interests and reading skills. These products are powered by our search engine, AI-driven classification algorithm and content creation tools.

“Young people have the right to get information that is important to their health and well-being. Governments should encourage mass media – radio, television, newspapers and Internet content sources – to provide information that young people can understand and to not promote materials that could harm young people. Mass media should particularly be encouraged to supply information in languages that minority and indigenous children can understand. Children should also have access to children’s books.”

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 17

Our technology

Our team of PhD experts spent 4 years building a unique readability analysis engine, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This AI engine is used to estimate the readability of any text. Our methods rely on extensive linguistic knowledge and one of the largest training datasets. This process makes the readability analysis far more reliable than any other method.

Curated content, classified per reading level, is discovered and stored in our search index using continuous web crawling technology. Access to the information in the search index is possible via full-text search by reading level.

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