Our Story

At Wizenoze our mission is to help close the global Readability Gap. 

Empowering people with lower reading skills

We help authors to write their content at easier reading levels. We support students in their growing need to navigate online content so that it is easy to find, relevant and accessible. And we empower teachers with rapid access to specific materials for individual students reading needs. Every day we work hard to redress the universal literacy imbalance at the global level. Let’s eliminate one-size-fits-all reading materials!

At Wizenoze we recognize the impact a day has for people when struggling to understand articles that are written in a way that is too far above their heads. Inappropriate readability levels of information not only impacts peoples grades and general education but affects self-esteem, the motivation for independent learning and ultimately, chances of achieving their maximum potential in life.

That’s why we, at Wizenoze, are committed to making the world a better place for people with a lower level of literacy. By challenging the status quo and turning the power of our AI engine towards creating and finding readable materials. We are humbled that our core technology won prestigious funding awards from both Google and the Dutch Government in recent years for the impact it is having at a worldwide level.

Readability analysis powered by AI

Our team of PhD experts spent 4 years building a unique readability analysis engine, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.
• We scan, classify and index written material by our unique 5 level reading scale.
• We identify issues in a text that make the text difficult to read.
• We give suggestion how to rewrite the text more easily.
• We find trustworthy information online and enrich it with readability information.

The Wizenoze AI engine, powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval, can be embedded into writing tools, content libraries, and school platforms.



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