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Why Wizenoze?

Wizenoze use AI technologies to give students globally access to an internet that they can read and fully understand.

This is particularly important as over 115 million young people globally are still illiterate (UNICEF 2018). Even greater numbers have difficulty reading and understanding the online content which underpins global education delivery. Furthermore, large amounts of material are unreliable for learning and appropriate content can be difficult to find online.

Wizenoze has curated the largest safe-for-school search index of public content available globally, named Web for Classrooms. It is playing a key role in equipping young people across the world with key literacy and digital skills for employment and whole life. 

Web for Classrooms allows users to discover relevant and readable content online. We provide easy access and links to over 16 million pages of web content from teacher-approved sources. Web for Classrooms is free from advertisements and is matched to the learner’s reading level. Students can therefore fully understand what they’re reading, which delivers improved learning outcomes.

Our technology

Wizenoze combines human and machine intelligence to deliver high-quality information to learners at a global scale.

Readability Analysis

Machine Learning is used to identify the readability of any text and classify it on a 5-point reading scale. Our method uses our extensive linguistic knowledge and one of the world’s largest training datasets. This combination makes our readability analysis far more reliable than any other method.


Web for Classrooms holds over 16 million pages of information from trusted sources and it is growing every day. Our human curators make sure the contents of the collection are readable, reliable and relevant for use in international education contexts. At the same time, our crawlers ensure that we collect all available content from these sources and keep the collection contemporary and up to date.



Wizenoze make sure users can easily find the best results from the collection. We use advanced full text search techniques to identify the best matches for any query search. Our query suggestions help users formulate their information needs and get them to the most relevant results quicker.

What’s new at Wizenoze

Wizenoze selected for prestigious scale-up programme Rise
Wizenoze selected for prestigious scale-up programme Rise

Wizenoze participates in the first edition of Rise. With this ambitious program, and top entrepreneurs from Adyen, Elastic, Bynder, Picnic and are committed to making the 10 most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands grow faster internationally. Wizenoze’s mission is to become the world’s largest information provider for learners.

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The power of partnership: Wizenoze + Cell-Ed + Project Literacy
The power of partnership: Wizenoze + Cell-Ed + Project Literacy

Wizenoze founder Diane Janknegt and Cell-Ed founder Dr Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami went from being complete strangers to fast friends. They met in 2017 at Project Literacy Lab, a partnership between Pearson and Unreasonable Group dedicated exclusively to scaling up ventures that are positioned to close the global literacy gap by 2030. Rothenberg-Aalami said, “Right away our solutions and experiences aligned.”

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