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With prestigious funding awards from Google and the Dutch government for its impact on literacy and learning, you can be assured of professional service and support when partnering with Wizenoze.

Bring product personalisation to a new level with our unique readability engine, powered by our APIs. Improve educational outcomes of individual learners and gain more engagement and use for your products.

Provide real benefits to students and teachers and stay ahead of a fast-moving, competitive marketplace with the integration of the latest AI-powered readability technology, by Wizenoze.

The Web for Classrooms

The largest curated and safe-for-school collection of online content available in the world today.  The Web for Classrooms is comprehensively indexed by reading level. It can be uniquely extended, tailored and branded to include your own material.

The Web for Classrooms

Wizenoze Readability Scan

Readability classification API

The Wizenoze API enables the integration of the most advanced readability classification engine available in the world today into your existing software tools. Giving you and your customers insights in the reading level of any text.

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Wizenoze Editor

A web-based text editor enabling teachers to check the reading level of their copy in real time.  Wizenoze Editor provides useful improvement suggestions based specifically on the actual target reading age the copy is intended for, a feature that no other readability editor offers today.

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We’re trusted by leading corporate learning organizations and e-learning providers that integrate our technology in their e-learning platforms.

Stichting Praktijkleren

Stichting Praktijkleren integrates our content collection in “Praktijkwijzer”. This practical guide is a website that provides usable tools for professional training purposes to support teachers and students in their learning process.

Stichting Praktijkleren supports Dutch Vocational Colleges by developing teaching and exam material for vocational education. They do this for the following sectors: Business Services, Safety & Craftsmanship, ICT and Commerce sectors of secondary vocational education.

Consortium Beroepsonderwijs

The Consortium is integrating our collection of high quality, online content to Digibib, their library for online learning resources. Their learning resources will be enriched with publicly available, contemporary content which is normally hard to find for students on the internet.

The Consortium for Vocational Education is a Dutch collaboration of 40 Vocational Colleges, approx. 200 pre-vocational secondary schools and a growing number of training organizations within the sectors. The Consortium works from the principle for, by and with professionals from vocational education, and uses the following quality criteria: involvement of the work field, assurance by the education inspectorate, support from training teams, research, analysis and sustainability.






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