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Inspiring content carefully selected by educators and tailored to learners curriculum, language skills, age and ambitions. Engage your students with relevant educational resources from the internet and create barrier-free new learning opportunities.

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Worldwide, educators and teachers utilize Wizenoze to provide students with faster and simpler access to current, multimedia, and reliable information.

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"Highly suitable for our type of education, and I would recommend it to everyone"

Pamela (Dutch teacher)

"That's great because then everything is checked and approved"

Diana (Dutch teacher)

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Gerja (Dutch teacher)

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Advanced tools and features for enhanced teaching and learning journeys

Reading levels to support personalised learning

Using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, Wizenoze developed a new readability standard: the Wizenoze Readability Index©. Based on this index, the reading level of a text is presented on a scale of five reading levels.

Easy to evaluate resources

All resources have a standard set of supporting information to help you and your learners to evaluate and select the most relevant resources.

Personalised and engaging content

Personalise and improve the engagement of your educational content to the needs and abilities of individual learners.
The largest library worldwide of curated educational resources matched to your curriculum
  • Discover curated resources Browse or search curated content matched to the learning outcomes of your curriculum.

  • Review and customise Review recommended resources for every learning outcome and customise how many resources to share with your learners.

  • Share with your learners Share a link or embed content directly to your learning management system.

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