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In a world full of digital distractions, Wizenoze enables you to deliver tailored and trustworthy internet resources that empower your students to be their best.

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Hundreds of customers have already elevated their platforms by implementing the Wizenoze API. Enriching their content by making it accessible, learnable and teachable.

Trusted digital content for learners, from the internet and content providers

The collection is matched to your curriculum and desired learning outcomes

Matching learning materials to keywords, learner age and reading level

AI-driven readability classification identifies the reading level of any text

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The Wizenoze API

Take full advantage of Wizenoze technology
Add value to the search tool in your platform by including curriculum relevance, for example, or readability.
Tailor your platform to curate its content so this matches your curriculum and learning environment.

In simple terms, an API  retrieves Wizenoze functionality and brings it into your server, making sure that the right information is available for you to integrate when you need it.

The Wizenoze Curriculum API gives access to relevant and reliable resources organised by a predefined curriculum structure

For example: users can retrieve resources that are highly relevant for a specific grade, subject, unit or topic, depending on the structure of the curriculum.

Organisations with development resource and specific requirements who want a tailored solution to scale their platform or product.

The Wizenoze Widgets Library​

Embed the curated content into your platform​
Wizenoze Widgets are the easiest method to integrate the Wizenoze Solution into your platform.
Wizenoze Widgets are simple iFrame HTML elements that can be added directly to a webpage or by using the rich text editor.​

Wizenoze Curriculum Widget is a small HTML iFrame piece of code that is added to a webpage or inserted into the rich text editor. ​

Wizenoze Widgets enable rapid integration of the Wizenoze solution into the learning platforms.​

Widgets are easy to use by anyone and no development is needed on the customer side.

Customers who want to add off-the-shelf curated content with no development costs, just add a selected widget to an existing LMS platform in two easy steps.

The Wizenoze LTI

Add Wizenoze components to your existing service
LTI makes it possible to embed the complete user experience into a learning platform.
Using the LTI deep linking technique, one or more components can be integrated into a learning platform.

IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a way to quickly and securely connect learning applications and tools with learning management systems and other platforms. LTI is secure, standardised and avoids expensive custom programming.

Existing LMS platform customers who want to add off the shelf features with no development costs. Simply plug in and configure.

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