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Wizenoze Solutions, where students go to explore, search and self-learn.

Our Web for Classrooms product has delighted students since 2015 because they could finally do a fast search and know that the results would be reliable and relevant. It has been used successfully in customer integrations to help K12 and vocational learners.

Even though Web for Classrooms is proven to improve learning outcomes for 92% of students we also discovered we could improve learning outcomes and engagement even further by matching the learner directly with the best sources. This insight is what led to the development of Wizeup.

Wizeup and Web for Classrooms both give students access to a collection of over 40 million educational resources. Students can quickly access relevant content by searching pages, videos and images while filtering by age and reading level.

With Wizeup we go a few steps further and match curriculum with digital resources per subject and topic. Students then explore resources related to their learning topic, with the top five results for any subject, handpicked and approved by teachers. This adds up to a highly visual and interactive learning experience that's proven to improve learning outcomes even further.

Wizeup and Web for Classrooms can be fully integrated into your existing learning platform.  Wizenoze solutions are proven to add value to digital learning environments and content.

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Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

Wizeup delivers quality digital learning resources matched to learner’s needs

Wizeup has a portfolio of global curriculum matched to the best learning resources
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Wizeup has a portfolio of global curriculum matched to the best learning resources

Learners pick subjects and topics to explore
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Learners pick subjects and topics to explore

An engaging interface with highly relevant and trusted pages
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An engaging interface with highly relevant and trusted pages

Want to Integrate?

Working together, using Wizenoze Solutions

  • Wizeup and Web for Classrooms are ready to use today.

    Both Wizeup and Web for Classrooms are available as single-sign-on web applications. We can give access to your users, or link directly from your platform to ours using single-sign-on.

    Our solutions are proven to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. We can increase the effectiveness of your platform or content by connecting learners to the most relevant content that matches what they are learning at the moment.

    We have the know-how, interface and technology to energise the minds of today to be ready for their future.

    Wizeup and Web for Classrooms are already being used globally. Both solutions give access to our collection of >40 million videos and webpages that are continuously refreshed and maintained. Our collection has two default languages - English and Dutch. 

    Wizeup has additional functionality 

    • Wizeup is currently available in 9 global curriculums, in English
    • Wizeup is currently focused on STEM subjects, with additional subjects in development 
    • Wizeup is currently available for K5-12, additional year groups available on demand
    • Wizeup also being used for vocational students in multiple countries with custom-built collections
    • Teacher approved resources are created in partnership with curriculum experts
    • Result dashboards and metrics help us continuously improve 

    Try Wizeup yourself today. All Web for Classroom functionality is available within Wizeup.

  • Choose Wizeup for your learners.

    Do you want to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your platform or content? Want to help your learners connect to the most relevant content that matches what they are learning?

    Wizeup can help you extend your taxonomy and increase student engagement. At Wizenoze we have the know-how and the technology to unlock the potential of the internet for learners and help you scale your offering.

    Our collection already contains multiple language options and a global curriculum. What if you want something specific to your curriculum, content or learners? We have the tools to build and match quickly and have you up and running in a few weeks.

    • Wizeup can be tailored for both K12 and vocational platforms and content
    • We can match to any new STEM curriculum in 1-2 weeks, additional subjects on demand
    • We have collections in English and Dutch as standard, and technology that can add new Languages on demand
    • We have experience integrating with many global players based on their needs and platforms
    • API, SDK, White label and Single Sign-on all available
    • Result dashboards and metrics tailored for your needs and success criteria

    Go to our B2B page or contact us to find out more about integrating with your content or platform. 

To energise the minds of today to be ready for their future.

What our users say.

  • Continual transformation of education will be crucial preparing for the future; the increasing role of technology in learning, embedding the right skills in the educational journey and creating a culture of lifelong learning, are crucial.

    Cindy Rampersaud

    Senior Vice President BTEC and Apprenticeships, Pearson
  • "Our teachers indicated that their students were wasting time with reading irrelevant information on the internet. And that it was difficult to know if the information was educational. With Wizenoze we have found the solution."

    Michael Stenvert

    CEO Onlineklas
  • "This platform enables children to explore things in a friendly and safe environment, to get the best out of their learning opportunity. I would recommend Wizeup because children were more focused on the task and produced better work."


    KS2 Science teacher
  • "I could easily find information on my reading level and it gave detailed answers to my questions"

    Secondary School Student

    Science Lesson KS3, UK
  • "The tool felt safe to use because the results were​ legitimate"

    BTEC sports student

    Vocational student, UK
  • "The new explorer is much more easy to understand. The new explorer gives us relevant information about the topic."

    Vocational Student


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