Wizenoze Editor

Wizenoze Editor (Wizenote) is a great aid for writers who wish to ensure their copy has the best possible chance of being understood by the intended audience.

A free trial period is available for appraisal.

Assess reading level

Wizenoze develops technology to automatically determine the reading level of a text. Paste your text into the editor and check its reading level.

Learn more about the Wizenoze Readability Index©


View suggestions

Wizenoze Editor marks elements in your text that are too difficult for the reading level your text is aimed at. The editor also offers suggestions (such as easier synonyms, and dictionary definitions to explain difficult terms) for making your text more intelligible to your readers. 

Edit the text

With the text editor, you can adapt your material for anybody with a lower level of reading skills quickly and easily, based on the provided suggestions. Check the reading level of your text again as you work to see if your message is likely to reach your readers.

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