Britannica content delivered ti your platform through the Wizenoze API

Britannica’s educational multi-media resources for primary and secondary school (K12), are now easily and immediately accessible with Wizenoze integrated in your learning platform.

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Britannica and Wizenoze: A world-class solution for educational content

Through this partnership, EdTech specialists and their learners now have access to a trusted digital content collection:
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Enriched with more than 100,000 articles available in Britannica School, updated daily by educational experts

Matched to keywords, age and reading level, and curated by experts

Available in one click, with no extra logins, subscriptions or different platforms

The collection is matched to your curriculum and desired learning outcomes

AI-driven readability classification identifies the reading level of any text

Fully integrated into the school learning platform

The Wizenoze Api

The Wizenoze API gives learners access to the world’s largest curated collection of trustworthy educational internet resources and proprietary content, matched to reading age, curriculum; integrated into your platform and fully tailored to specific and regional needs.

How it works

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Britannica School is part of the world-famous Britannica Group and provides reliable, award-winning reference and curriculum resources for primary and secondary schools. It gives access to the world’s knowledge with accurate, nonfiction, cross-curricular multimedia content that’s aligned to the next generation science, common core and state curriculum standards.
"Students were able to utilize their time by accessing material online for referencing."
Clarence High School 
“Britannica has streamlined the research process for our students. Also, the differentiated reading levels provide the necessary support for our many English Language Learners to access the materials they need.”
American Internationalal School Chennai
Solutions for educational companies

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