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Leading the content aggregation evolution. Wizenoze enables educators globally to deliver trustworthy digital content, tailored, and matched to curriculum, age and education attainment from the leading publishers and the internet

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Wizenoze enables educational providers to deliver trustworthy, personalised and proprietary content, creating the smartest way to grow your educational business today.

Why use it?

Wizenoze combines insight, data and AI to help you share rich educational content in ways that are trustworthy, personalised and highly engaging. Here’s how.

We have mapped content readily available for most of the key curriculums offered within the region for K-12 and a rich collection to cater to post K-12 learning outcomes 

Say no to ‘one size fits all’ and yes to meeting specific learning and reading level needs.

Say no to ‘one size fits all’ and yes to meeting specific learning and reading level needs.

Leverage a new growth model that is effective and highly cost-efficient. It’s the future of educational publishing.

Employ insight, data and AI to offer more and higher quality to learners around the world.
Be part of an environment in which content is approved by university and other educational departments to be safe, focused and add value.
The content offered through Wizenoze is easy to find, easy to follow, more fun than the alternatives and delivers better learning results.

How it works

Empower Students to follow their own learning journey with...

The world’s largest collection of trusted digital content for learners. Curriculum matched resources to desired learning outcomes. Matching of trusted learning resources to keywords, age and reading level. Reading level classification on all text.
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Enriched with more than 100,000 articles available in Britannica School, updated daily by educational experts

Matched to keywords, age and reading level, and curated by experts

Available in one click, with no extra logins, subscriptions or different platforms

The collection is matched to your curriculum and desired learning outcomes

AI-driven readability classification identifies the reading level of any text

Fully integrated into the school learning platform

Solutions for educational companies

If you want to increase your platform’s engagement and provide your learners with the best educational online content, please contact the Wizenoze Team.

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