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Wizenoze uses the latest AI technology to build the largest worldwide library of curated educational content and matches that to any curriculum. It's the smartest way to grow your educational business today.

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Our worldwide customer base has already elevated their platforms by implementing the Wizenoze API. Enriching their content by making it accessible, learnable and teachable.

Trusted digital content for learners, from the internet and content providers

The collection is matched to your curriculum and desired learning outcomes

Matching learning materials to keywords, learner age and reading level

AI-driven readability classification identifies the reading level of any text

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At Wizenoze we are convinced that our positive impact on global education standards is helping to improve real people’s lives in the real world. This is our promise to you as an educational publisher, platform provider or content producer.


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Why Wizenoze?

Wizenoze combines educational insights, AI and data to help you share the best suitable content matched to the personal needs of your learners. Here’s how.

Access EdTech solutions that are innovative, appealing and focus on the needs of both educator and learner.

Say no to ‘one size fits all’ and yes to meeting specific learning and reading level needs.

Leverage a new growth model that is effective and highly cost-efficient. It’s the future of educational publishing.

Employ insight, data and AI to offer more and higher quality to learners around the world.
Be part of an environment in which content is approved by university and other educational departments to be safe, focused and add value.
The content offered through Wizenoze is easy to find, easy to follow, more fun than the alternatives and delivers better learning results.

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