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Helping students at schools, in libraries and at home find relevant content online

  • Search the web for results matched to reading age level.
  • Over 6 million indexed pages from trusted site sources.
  • Sources checked by teachers for relevance to the curriculum.

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About Wizenoze

We all want our stories and messages to be fully understood by the reader. Yet more often than not, we’re further from achieving this aim than we think. The WizeNoze mission is to help improve readability. The web for classrooms is the flagship product for our mission to close the readability gap for students. Read our full story

The Web for Classrooms

The largest curated safe-for-school collection of online content for students available in the world today. The Web for Classrooms provides rapid access for students and teachers to over 6 million pages of curriculum supportive online material from a vast range of respectable sources – all searchable by reading level. Furthermore, it is powered by the very latest in machine learning technology and curated to ensure that material retrieved is reliable, age-appropriate and readable by the user – whatever their level of literacy.

Wizenoze Readability Classification

Over the past four years our team of Artificial Intelligence experts has built a unique 5-point readability scale, named the Wizenoze Readability Index ©. It provides authors and businesses with a faster and more accurate way to verify the readability level of content they produce.

Read all about the Wizenoze Readability Classification

Wizenoze Editor

A web-based text editor enabling authors to check the reading level of their copy in real time.  Wizenoze Editor provides useful improvement suggestions based uniquely on the actual target reading level the copy is intended for. A feature that no other readability editor offers today.

Wizenoze Editor is a great aid for writers who wish to ensure their copy has the best possible chance of being understood by the intended audience.

Wizenoze Editor

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