Why Wizenoze?

Currently, the amount of students having trouble with the internet is alarmingly high. The content is too difficult to understand and they often don’t know which websites can be trusted. At Wizenoze we want to make the internet accessible for every type of student – from primary to secondary, all the way up to the end of vocational. We do this by helping students to find relevant information from reliable sources, by providing them with an internet at different reading levels. In this way, we make sure that the information online is fully understood by the reader in order to improve their grades. The Web for Classrooms, one of our products, is the flagship solution in order to help students overcome the challenges they face online. Read our full story

The Web for Classrooms

The largest safe-for-school collection of online content for students aged 7 to 18 available in the world today.

  • Search the web for results matched to reading age level.
  • Over 6 million indexed pages from trusted site sources.
  • Sources checked by teachers for relevance to the curriculum.

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