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    Online information is often much too difficult. We estimate that 80% of formal texts both on the web and offline are written at the highest reading levels (B2-C2), even though most people (around 60% of the population) cannot read and understand texts on these reading levels.

    People with low literacy skills (around 10% of the population) especially have trouble with reading and understanding the information available online. As a result, they become further isolated from society. Children also experience problems with understanding information online. Children have a great need for information, but the amount of material written at their reading level is very limited.

    When a message fails to reach the people for whom a text was intended, it’s not just the consumer who misses out. It also costs companies a lot of money in extra support questions when people don’t understand their attempts to communicate.

    For many people, information on the internet is too difficult to read and understand.

    Check the readability of your webpages and learn about our reading-level scale

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    Write at the right level with WizeNote

    Do you want to write your text for a specific reading level? Perhaps you wish to reach children aged 6 to 8, or young adults at a specific school level? Or adults with low literacy skills or second language learners? Don’t you want to know whether you’re writing at the correct reading level, and how you can improve your writing to better fit your audience? Then get started with WizeNote. With WizeNote, anyone can quickly and easily write texts for different reading levels. Create an account now, and try WizeNote free for 30 days.

    Available as an API. Contact us for information on Enterprise use.
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    1. Assess reading level

    WizeNoze develops technology to automatically determine the reading level of a text. Paste your text into the editor and check its reading level.

    Sample WizeNote Markup ▼

    2. View suggestions

    WizeNote marks elements in your text that are too difficult for the reading level your text is aimed at. WizeNote also offers suggestions (such as easier synonyms, and dictionary definitions to explain difficult terms) for making your text more intelligible to your readers.

    3. Edit the text

    With the text editor, you can adapt your material for children or others quickly and easily, based on the provided suggestions. Check the reading level of your text again as you work to see if your message is likely to reach your readers.


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