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    WizeNoze was founded in September 2013 in Amsterdam by Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers. We aim to facilitate access to an internet that’s easier to understand for children, teenagers, people with low literacy, immigrants and the elderly. Also it’s for everyone who finds the information online currently too difficult. Did you know that for almost 50% of the world’s population, most of the information online is hard to understand? To say nothing of how little is actually tailored to their reading level.

    Why is what we write so complicated? Why do we make so few websites that are readable and comprehensible to every reader? And why don’t we help young people find results that correspond to their reading level? Because it’s much easier to write difficult prose. And because it is much easier to find difficult information.

    WizeNoze addresses this problem with highly innovative technology and an international team of 11 people. We maintain a strong relationship with the academic world, but we always keep our audience at the heart of our product development.

    Want to know how we do that? Read our mission.

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